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(R) I am replying to the reply #1 on your website. I found it very informative and educational. Both of you gave very eloquent responses to the subject of Creationism vs Evolution.
(MB) Thank you! The worth of any statement in a debate can most often only be judged accurately by those who read it rather than by those who are directly participating (who are often prone to predisposed positions that are unlikely to be open to change).

(R) I was brought up Catholic, went to public school but had the good fortune to go to Wheeling University, a Jesuit institution. It was there that I was taught to think for myself and arrive at solutions without worrying about peer pressure.
(MB) Excellent! There should be more of that impressed upon students these days. All too often, I see "graduates" who are completely incapable of any level of reasoning and who are content to get by with rote memory instead of developing any deductive or inductive abilities to solve problems or understand issues.

(R) With the trouble of having religion in the public school system, wouldn't it be more productive to have a course in world religions taught so as to give the students a broader outlook on the world and perhaps their own faith as well? I would have enjoyed taking such a course when I was in High School.
(MB) I don't know of any such courses that are given on the high school level, but they would be great and worthy subjects. Since a proper examination must also include extensive study of history and sociology, such a course would cover a lot of good ground over and above simple questions about the basic beliefs of each religion.

(R) Thank you for a very informative website, one I plan on visiting often.
(MB) I'll look forward to hearing more from you in the future. Tell your friends! :-)

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