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(R) Regarding your essay on Creationism vs Evolution: It seems as if you only include one side of the debate... Evolution...
(MB) This is a problem? Remember that this web site is a debate forum. In a debate, each side argues their own side of the question or proposition. I start things off by writing an essay which gives a brief outline of my views. Readers are encouraged to respond either pro or con and the debate is on. During the subsequent debate, more detailed information is presented and additional questions are raised. In this debate, I take the side of evolution and give the Creationists the opportunity to support their own view. To date, they have all failed quite miserably. Perhaps, you will do somewhat better?

(R) You contain no factual information for creationism, when there is.
(MB) If so, where is it and what is it? I've been asking that question throughout this debate and nobody has yet been able to provide so much as one single, solitary piece of good evidence in favor of Creationism. Some try doing cut-and-paste jobs from nonsense published on pro-Creationist web sites like Answers in Genesis or Kent Hovind's pathetic effort in self-promotion, but they are all completely unable to answer (or even address) questions concerning that copied material. I really can't understand how anybody can place absolute faith in such material if they can't answer a single question about it.

(R) Also, you seem to be missing the hole 'big bang' theory problem... Evolution relies on the fact that the universe had a big bang and that there was something there for the big bang...
(MB) What Creationists continually fail to understand is that the Big Bang theory is not, never has been, and never will be a part of evolution. They are two separate and distinct theories which address two completely separate and distinct questions. The Big Bang theory addresses the origin of the universe. Evolution is the theory of the development and divergence of life on Earth *after* the first living thing appeared. Evolution is not a theory of the origins of anything. The Creationist's misguided argument to the contrary sounds good to the uninformed lay audience to which they primarily preach, but it does nothing but produce howls of laughter for anybody with a functioning mind. If any Creationist disputes this, they will need to show where Darwin writes anything about how the evolution of life on Earth explains the origin of the universe. If they can't, they'll have to admit that it is a non-sequitur to bring up universal origins when discussing evolution.

(R) One simple question is where the heck did all that matter come from?
(MB) The simple answer is that matter is frozen energy (as proven by Einstein). Now, what does this have to do with evolution?

(R) It wasn't just there, it isn't ghost particles (ghost particles is very much like the ether theory).
(MB) I think you mean "virtual particles". How well-versed are you in quantum physics?

(R) The only way you can say there was a big bang is by BELIEVING in evolution, which makes it nothing more than any other 'religion.'
(MB) How does that work? Since evolution and the Big Bang are not related theories, why is it necessary to believe in evolution in order to support the Big Bang model?

(R) Whenever someone comes up with a good quality question or comment you spimply say oh yeah right there is no 'logic' behind that.
(MB) Oh? That's strange in view of the fact that a previous opponent complained about the excessive length and detail of my responses to his posts. Perhaps you could give an example or three of what you consider to be "good quality questions or comments" that I did not answer to your satisfaction? If so, I promise to do better. After all, that *is* my main goal here.

(R) Include both views of creation and evolution for a true webpage on Evolution vs Creationism, otherwise just change your site to Evolution is good, Creationism is bad because that is what it is.
(MB) That's what this section *is* about! This is a debate forum. I'm taking the side of evolution and it is up to the Creationists to support and defend their side. The resulting dialogue presents both sides of the subject. If you're concerned about fairness, perhaps you could explain why no Creationist web site provides any links to any site which supports evolution or why no churches grant "equal time" to pro-evolution speakers?

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