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NOTE: In lieu of answering my questions himself, the respondent in Replies #48, #49, and #50 has chosen to e-mail me a copy of an article entitled Universe is Not "Billions of Years" Old which is posted on Creationist looney "Dr." Kent Hovind's web site, Creation Science Evangelism.

    The respondent is apparently unaware that there is a brilliant, thoroughly documented, and totally conclusive refutation of Hovind's arguments that is readily available on the Web. This superb document is known as "Matson vs. Hovind" and is available in many places (including the provided link).

    If the respondent (and any other interested reader) will read the information in Matson vs. Hovind, it will be difficult to reach any conclusion other than that Hovind is, at best, intellectually dishonest, and, at worst, a pathetic moron.

    Other refutations of Hovind's lunacy, his bogus academic credentials and details on his other problems can be found at these links:

    In addition, I have attempted to engage Hovind in a written debate to be published on this site concerning his $250,000 "prove evolution to me" challenge, but he has refused.

    I heartily encourage all readers to check out Hovind's site and the refutations of his claims. If any reader wishes to further discuss them, please feel free to write to me.

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