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RE: Evolution, Common Ancestry and Natural Selection
(R) All observable.
(MB) Absolutely. And all consistently and coherently explainable by science with no need to resort to anything supernatural.

(R) All part of creation.
(MB) Absolutely. Realizing, of course, that "creation" can be through natural processes and does not depend on anything else.

(R) You have built a strawman of creationism, as usual.
(MB) No, it is the Creationists who do that. They *have* to do that since they can't build it out of facts, evidence or reason.

(R) Question everything.
(MB) Absolutely. That's what science does all the time. Science is questioned by every experiment, observation, test, prediction and equation. How does religion question itself? How have you questioned what your religion preaches? Have you examined alternative religious beliefs to see if they might just be true?

(R) It just might lead you in the "right" direction....
(MB) I have full confidence that I *am* going in the right direction. If you disagree, what would you say *is* the "right" direction and how is one to determine that from among the plethora of competing alternatives?

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