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Boldfaced statements are parts of the original essay (or a subsequent reply) to which the respondent has directed his comments.

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prefaced by (R) are those of the respondent and are presented unedited.

My replies appear under the respondent's comments in blue text and are prefaced by my initials (MB).

(R) I love your site and am impressed by your evolution/creationism section. Are you carrying on ongoing discussions with some of these people or are these just records of past discussions?
(MB) The postings in this section (and most others) represent a little of both. I have one ongoing discussion that I haven't yet posted, but the guy just bailed out on me after I exposed the sources of some of his "facts". I will likely not post any of it since much of it would be redundant material. Other than that, I post almost every message I get as soon as I read and respond to it, so all new postings are "live" discussions. Most people, however, don't continue past their initial message and many of the more incoherent responses use fake names and bogus e-mail addresses. I guess they just have to speak their piece and don't want to hear the answers.

(R) A small note, in one of your replies you were discussing radiometeric dating of fossils... I'm sure that you are aware that only igneous rocks can be dated, thus making it difficult at times to accurately date individual fossils...
(MB) I think that particular discussion was one where my opponent was trying to use lava flows as examples of why radiometric dating methods "don't work".

(R) On a different note, do you participate in any of the online discussion boards? several that I frequent are:

(MB) Actually, I don't. I barely have time to keep up with the mail I get. Occasionally, I'll lurk on some groups just to get a feel for what's being discussed. The only list I'm currently an active participant on is the Biblical Errancy list.

(R) Anyway, just wanted to let you know I appreciate your efforts.
(MB) Thanks! I always appreciate a few good words. I hope you'll continue to enjoy what my site has to offer.

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