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(R) I just found your page about the topic Evolution vs. Creationism. I'm just preparing an article in a Hungarian scientific paper about why/how people think now that Darwinism is died. I'm for evolution but I would like to understand people on the other side as well.
(MB)Sounds like a worthy project to me. After all, one can't hope to debate the other side unless one understands what they are trying to say. This is another place where Creationists fail so miserably. They have no idea what evolution is really saying, but that doesn't stop them from expounding upon it and saying how "wrong" it is.

(R) I would like to get your article and the replies in a printable form (I mean no colors, articles only, continuous etc.) if possible, because it is very difficult to read them through on the screen. Could you help me somehow?
(MB)They all print out on a standard laser printer quite nicely. Also, you could use your web browser to save each page to your hard disk and use a regular text editor to easily extract the relevant material from each page.

(R) Another issue: Do you have some detailed information about the Pope's statement about evolution?
(MB)The Pope's entire statement can be found on the Vatican's official web site at:

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