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(R) I am currently working on an assignment, as part of my Swinburne University ( degree - in Australia! One of the subjects I am doing is titled "History of Idea's" and studies in depth the idea's of Philosophers (mainly) who changed the world (or England anyway) with their ideas.
    I have been posed with the following question (re-phrased): "Darwin's theory is (by many) considered to have been the resolution to the Victorian Crisis"
    Given the stereotypical beliefs and situations of the day, would you agree with this comment? I would greatly appreciate your ideas on this subject, if you have time over the weekend to reply.

(MB)I don't know if I'd call Darwin's theories the "resolution" of any Victorian Crisis, but I don't think there can be much doubt that his theories gained acceptance more easily since the ideas of natural selection, survival of the fittest and progress towards perfection fit the classic Victorian work ethic quite nicely. It also accounts for the possibly-surprising acceptance of Darwinism by the religious establishment of contemporary Britain. The rise of the American version of Christian fundamentalism and its concurrent conflicts with evolution is a separate issue from the acceptance given Darwinism by the Victorians.

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