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(R) If evolutionism is so error-free as you say, then how come countless theories have been proven wrong, such as carbon-14 dating?
(MB)Which theories have been proven wrong? There have been many people who have attempted to use C-14 dating incorrectly by trying to apply it to things that are millions of years old. Because of the short half-life of C-14, it can't be accurately used to date anything over 50,000 years of age. There are numerous other methods which are relied upon for determining ages in the millions and billions of years.

(R) Science is always coming up with something new to prove, and when it is shut down, they search for a new theory.
(MB)There is nothing "new" to prove. There are only questions that have yet to be answered. The first answers are not always the best answers and may well be dead wrong. But, continued examination refines the theories and makes them more and more accurate.

(R) Science is always changing, but the Bible stays the same.
(MB)Science is dynamic and is always improving and expanding, but there is only one version of "science". The Bible may stay the same, but the interpretations of what is written in its pages are always changing. This produces the current state of Xianity where there are over 1500 different sects which each have different (and sometimes mutually-exclusive) ideas about what is "right".

(R) I also find it hard to believe that everything evolved from the same thing.
(MB)That statement is too broad. "Evolution" applies only to living organisms on the Earth and not to "everything".

(R) There are too many different bone structures and DNA.
(MB)That's because living things have been reproducing and changing for over three billion years and trillions of total generations. This is inevitably going to produce a rich variety.

(R) I refuse to believe that the earth is billions of years old.
(MB)Why? There is no reliable evidence to suggest any other age for the Earth.

(R) If it was, why is there not 50 pounds of dust on the moon?
(MB)Why should this be so?

(R) Everything has too complex of a structure to be formed from some spontaneous blast in space.
(MB)The Big Bang only created hydrogen and helium with a minor smattering of lithium and beryllium. All other elements are created in the titanic explosions of supernovas.

(R) How come nothing has formed spontaneously in space lately?
(MB)Since there are still supernovas, elements are being created all the time.

(R) Also, how can you say that the historical parts of the Bible are accurate, but a testimony of seeing Jesus rise from the dead is merely a fabrication of someone with a blind faith?
(MB)First, not all of the historical parts of the Bible *are* accurate. Second, the only way to verify a historical account is with corroborating evidence. Bible stories are not self-verifying and there is no independent evidence of the resurrection of Jesus from any non-Biblical source.

(R) How could one even fathom making up half the stories in the Bible?
(MB)Considering that the Bible accumulated over at least a thousand years, that would seem to be plenty of time to invent and embellish any of its stories. Heck, anybody who has ever read a James Michener novel knows that a single person can invent a complex story in a relatively short period of time.

(R) There are too many answers in the Bible to life's problems.
(MB)The same answers can be found in the philosophy of any of Man's belief systems -- both secular and religious. They are not the exclusive property of Xianity.

(R) Also, why would someday someone make up something about God?
(MB)It could be derived from many sources. The Jewish religion was derivative of that practiced by the neighboring Babylonians. Religions in general normally arise from the needs of men to codify answers to questions when such answers are not or can not be known through any other method available to those men. Since Man has always had a hierarchical social structure, it comes naturally that he should postulate a "supreme being" that should be served and worshipped.

(R) The Bible is too complex for it to be merely a fable.
(MB)Why? There are many highly complex and unarguably fictional stories that have been written throughout the history of Man.

(R) It has the bloodlines of many families and all. If someone just wanted to make up a story, why spend so much time making a family tree?
(MB)Some parts of the OT are Jewish historical records. Most fictional works are fleshed out with real components.

(R) I would like to hear your comments.
(MB)Here you go!

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