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(R) Again, I agree with your views 100%. When arguing with anti-evolutionist. I point out the no sensible plumber would put faucets on the telephone pole and forget to attach feeder lines. That's what God did with nipples on man.
(MB) The presence of vestigial structures in all make and manner of creatures is a major problem for those who wish to argue against evolution. Regarding the example of nipples on male humans, Creationists will go to great lengths to try to claim that they are actually functional and that God intended for them to be there so that a man could nurse his children in the event of the untimely death of his wife. Not that they can demonstrate an actual example of this ever happening, of course. The breasts of human females are also an interesting case (duh!). There is no biological reason for them to be as large as they are since there is no appreciable difference in the amount of milk produced by small breasts as opposed to larger ones.

(R) Also: What sensible God would create a defense mechanism that would kill both the defender and the invader, as HE did with the bumble bee.
(MB) Don't you know that selfless martyrdom for one's fellows is the most noble and praiseworthy of all acts? Then again, I don't know that bees grant sainthood to any of their own who have fallen in the ultimate act of devotion for the hive.

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