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(R) I'm curious as to know if there has been much controversy regarding creationist thinking versus the speed of light? It seems that it would be difficult to reconcile the two as we can already see stars several billion light years away, and therefore several billion years into the past. Are we then to assume that the speed of light is not constant to support a few lines of biblical text?
(MB) That's what the Creationists would have people believe. Actually, there are several different and equally ludicrous versions of their argument. One says that distant stars only *look* like they're far away because God started their observed light very close to us instead of having it eminate from the bodies of the stars themselves. Another is that the speed of light started off as an infinite value and assumed its known and very finite value only after we measured it the first time. Needless to say, neither of those arguments has survived one minute of scrutiny, but that doesn't change the minds of the Creationists.

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