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(R) I think you missed the point of the different motivations that gum chewers will have according to their age. Wouldn't it be more right to say that the noisy gum chewers are rather some young teenagers who want to get noticed/affirm themselves, while most adults simply enjoy chewing gums for the taste, breath freshening aspec or teeth cleaning aspect?
(MB) I don't know that age has any significant impact on this other than the likelihood that younger gum crackers make noise because they don't know any better and older ones do it because they don't care. I'm quite sure that the subconscious desire to draw attention to yourself applies to all ages of gum chompers. I'm also sure that taste is an issue for all age groups.
    If there's an age-dependant reason for gum chomping, I'd say that younger chompers are more affected by peer pressure and the desire to be "cool" while older chompers chew gum primarily for stress relief. I'm still not sure what purpose all the noise and bovine-style chomping is supposed to serve, though.

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