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(R) finally! you don't know how wonderful it was for me to read your article in regards to scmackng gum and realize that there's another person out there who is just as disgusted by it as i am! you put it in your article so articulately and i found myself nodding in agreement all the way through...well said, well said! thanks again for voicing your opinion so strongly.
(MB) A thousand "Thank You"s. I strongly suspect that their are a great many people who have no love for barbarian gum chewing. However, it's not one of those topics that typically arises during normal conversation, so most of us will never know how many of our friends share the same opinion.

(R) question: when you encounter people who do pop/chomp on their gum, do you look at them irritatingly to give them a hint, or do you say something at all like politely asking them to stop? i'm a senior in highschool, and i have a reputation for being a nice gal, but when kids do that around me, i get all agitated and don't no how i should deal with it. what should i do? all my thanks again!
(MB) Most people (myself included) have a tendency to be non-confrontational. An effective non-confrontational tactic can be to ask the chomper "How long did it take you to learn how to chew like that?" or "Are you practicing for that gum chewing championship in West Virginia?". Employ a bit of humor and most folks won't immediately realize that they have just been busted out for something...*grin* Unfortunately, some of those with the IQ of pond scum won't figure out the reason for the comment, either, but you can still have fun with it.

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