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(R) I think you may have missed one major reason why people chew gum. It can be used to clean your teeth when brushing your teeth isn't an option. Of course for this to be effective, it needs to be sugar free gum.
(MB) While that is certainly true, it doesn't do much to explain why so many people chew gum morning, noon and night during seemingly every waking moment. I would hope that their teeth aren't *that* nasty...*grin* Some people go through packs of Juicy Fruit like some smokers go through packs of Camels. There's more than simple oral hygiene behind this...

(R) I do agree however that many people who chew gum are cows, both former smokers and non-smokers.
(MB) What scares me is not so much the cud-chewing expressions and noises, but the glazed-over looks in their eyes. It's like the effort of chewing consumes their entire attention and mental capabilities. Someday, the FDA will find a secret and sinister addictive narcotic ingredient in chewing gum and the Clinton administration will be all over Wrigley like they are currently all over RJ Reynolds...*grin*

(R) People need to learn to chew gum so that others can't tell they are chewing. It's not that difficult and only requires a little thought and practice.
(MB) At the risk of sounding like Miss Manners, basic table manners seem to be an ever-increasingly lost skill. Maybe the gum crackers and smackers don't realize what they're doing. Maybe they don't care...

(R) Gum chewer to the end...
(MB) Have a piece for me, too!

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