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(R) I am firmly against sex with the exception of masturbation. It is a diabolical mechanism which guarantees the proliferation of humanity.
(MB) You obviously haven't had sex with some of the women that *I* have! :-)

(R) The only way I see for us to escape the endless cycle of birth-death-rebirth is to eliminate the vehicles. I realize we will just be shuttled to some other habitable third dimension lifeform but I insist you have to eliminate them as you confront them.
(MB) Well...until it can be demonstrated that those things exist, I'm afraid that I'll settle for having sex. After all, I might as well have something to repent should the need arise.

(R) If we all lived like truly celibate 'monks' it wouldn't be long before we could incarnate elsewhere and I am all for that! Onward and outward!!
(MB) For now, this will likely have to remain an individual choice rather than any prevailing social trend.

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