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(R) All of the religious we have known are written from a man point of view.
(MB) Correct. The same can be said for almost any codified system of beliefs or laws which seeks to govern or control the general population. Since most human societies have been patriarchal, this should come as little surprise.

(R) But we have defined the word adultery , in respect we have also set the boundary for definition of the word marriage and its legality bound.
(MB) Interestingly, in many societies, it is only the woman who can commit adultery. Men were allowed multiple wives and concubines, but women had to stay with their one husband. Absolute monogamy for men is a relatively recent societal change in a majority of societies.

(R) There should be neither moral nor legal issue of adultery, for the act done by consent of both parties.
(MB) While adultery will likely continue to be an issue of societal morality, I don't see where it should be a legal issue. I don't know that adultery is necessarily consensual on the part of both marriage partners, but it is very likely that the status of the marital relationship is a major contributing factor.

(R) Also the marriage should not be defined as contractual agreement, its done because of two people have decided base on their conscious decision.
(MB) That's not always the case. Many marriages are forced upon the partners by everything from societal/religious custom to legal requirements. When you get married because you "have to do so", there may be little or no actual consent involved.

(R) A certain creatures in this world have always decided to have one mate for life, while others not. For them the word marriage or adultery is not in their vocabulary.
(MB) Exactly. Man, being a primate, is one creature where the male naturally has many female partners and does not mate for life. When our laws and customs conflict with our genetics, problems are likely to arise.

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