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(R) Dear Mark; Please correct any obvious grammar or spelling errors.
(MB) I don't take off any points for spelling and/or grammar. I'm primarily interested in what people have to say. I don't make any changes or corrections to what they write since I don't wish to invite accusations of editing anything in my favor. Very literate writing can contain very nonsensical arguments while technically substandard writing can be very insightful. Also, it should be considered that there are many responses from visitors for whom English is not their first language. So, I don't worry about spelling or grammar so long as the writer's arguments are clear. The quality of facts and arguments is what is important in my forum.

(R) You clearly know about what your discussing here. To all the cheated on women here...I know men who have no sense of the value of commitment and love, and they might fit the profile of the classic cheater. But there are those of us who love and value our wives and children and yet cannot bear the suffering that results from sexual inattention. So we wander, and seek additional satisfaction. In my case divorce would be cruel to every one. Mark, I have come to this conclusion; One must either live with sexual starvation or choose to lead a double life.
(MB) Unfortunately, that is one of the few solutions which are available to those who are in an unfulfilling marriage. You've stated the situation very well. The problem is not raging hormones in the average male or loose morals in the wandering female. The problem is in a basic human physiological and emotional need which is not being satisfied.

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