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(R) I was pretty amazed finding this site and also very comforted by the thoughts you laid out in your "essay". I realize that this is probably a greater "problem" in the USA as it may be in Scandinavia- even so the debate actually lingers here as well.
(MB) Always good to hear from another Scandinavian! Having spent nearly five years of my Army career living outside the US, I've gotten a decent feel for the fact that the attitudes of most Americans on most moral issues are often quite different from those of the rest of the world.

(R) What I find so remarkable is the fact that (it may be that I have a shallow insight regarding USA), that the same people that "defends" life also defends the death penalty, and at the same time finds no wrong in attacking and murdering people working with abortions. How do they make it fit?
(MB) I've often asked that very question myself. I think it comes down to an unfortunate mixture of religious hypocrisy, ignorance, and blatant selfishness. I find it somewhat disturbing that many of the same people who will vigorously fight for the "rights" of an unborn child will often say "OK, you're on your own now" shortly after that same child is born. To me, this behavior makes a joke of their arguments in favor of the "rights" of the unborn.

(R) In the third world where abortion isn't an medical option but rather something women must sort out themselves with risky methods- many dies. What it says is that women without legal and medical support will always pay a very high price. Even if abortion is illegal it doesn't mean that it never happens, on the contrary, but at a price-womens lifes and of course unwanted children.
(MB) You are exactly right. The price of abortion can be high. However, it is always less than the price of having to raise an unwanted child for upwards of 20 years. That "price" is not solely monetary, of course. It is also social, moral, physical and psychological for both the parent and the child. To my mind, this all adds up to a far greater potential tragedy than an abortion.

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