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It's great to have a job that coincides nicely with one of my major interests -- computers. I like to say that I don't go to work, I go to play. In any case, my jobs in the Army have been heavily concerned with programming, maintenance, customer service, instructing and generally being one with all facets of the personal computer.

I have several "museum piece" computers that are still working (including a TRS-80 Model III, Apple IIc, Macintosh 128K, and Tandy 100 laptop). I'm currently using two different systems that have been assembled from parts acquired over the past couple of years. These systems feature:

System #1
  • AMD K6-2 300 MHz
  • VA-503+ motherboard (VIA Apollo MVP3 chipset)
  • 64 MB RAM
  • Quantum Bigfoot 4.3GB EIDE hard drive
  • Artec Super 36x max CD-ROM
  • ATI All-in-Wonder 4MB video card
  • Turtle Beach Montego A3DXStream PCI sound card
  • NEC Multisync XV15+ 15" monitor
  • Cambridge SoundWorks speakers
  • NuReality SRS Vivid 3-D Sound Enhancement system
  • Zoom/FaxModem 56Kx
  • SyQuest Sparq 1.0 1GB EIDE removable hard drive
  • UMAX Astra 1220U Scanner
  • Thrustmaster X-Fighter joystick

System #2:
  • Intel 80486DX/4-100
  • 12MB RAM
  • 6x CD-ROM
  • 420MB IDE Hard Drive (using Stacker 4.0 to get around 1 GB of total storage capacity)
  • 14" Packard Bell SVGA monitor
  • Hercules Graphite Terminator 64-bit DRAM 2MB VLB video card
  • Turtle Beach Tropez sound card
  • Altec-Lansing speakers
  • NuReality SRS Vivid 3-D Sound Enhancement system
  • Digicom Scout 28.8K modem
  • Iomega ZIP Drive (parallel connection),
  • Televiewer Plus 128-channel cable TV tuner card
  • Star Micronics 24-pin dot matrix printer

On System #1, I have three different operating systems. I run Windows for Workgroups 3.11 (using Plug-In v2.6 as my Windows shell), MSDOS 6.22, and QEMM v9.00 in the first partition, Windows 95 in the second partition, and Windows 98 in the third. I also have RedHat Linux v5.0 on a SyQuest 1 GB removable cartridge. I use Deluxe System Commander to manage the multiple boot requirements. I browse the Web with Netscape Communicator v4.04 and do my Web site work using Allaire's HomeSite 3.01.

On System #2 I run Windows for Workgroups 3.11 (using Plug-In v2.6 as my Windows shell), MSDOS 6.22, and QEMM v8.01. I browse the Web with Netscape Navigator and do my Web site work with HotDog Pro.

Much of my career in the Army has included acting as an unofficial "Virus Control NCO". There is so much ridiculous misinformation running rampant in both the military and civilian worlds that I have taken it upon myself to become educated on the subject. Fortunately, there are several places on the Web where one can obtain excellent information on viruses and related topics. Some of the best of these sites are listed below. I highly encourage everybody to check them out!

Computer Incident Advisory Capability CIAC publishes bulletins on new viruses along with many other functions...
Virus Myths Home Page Great source of the truth about virus hoaxes and other related nonsense...
Virus Bulletin Virus Bulletin publishes regular newsletter on virus topics...
National Computer Security Agency National Computer Security Agency. Vast clearinghouse of information.

Here are links to several sites from which you can download some of the best available anti-virus software: McAfee's Viruscan and other products... ThunderByte Anti-Virus F-Prot Anti-Virus Integrity Master and lots of great information... AVAST32 Anti-Virus

I also have a large collection of PC games which see a lot of action - both solo and in PBEM gaming. I'm more a fan of turn-based strategy games such as Civilization II and Master of Orion II than I am of action shooters like DOOM. Some of my recent favorite titles include Heroes of Might and Magic II, Might and Magic VI, Age of Empires, Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games, Warcraft II, Sid Meier's Gettysburg!, and Monty Python and the Holy Grail (a must for die-hard Python fans even if it's not that great a "game").
    Computer gaming information is available in many places on the Web. Some of my favorite sites include GameSpot, Happy Puppy, PC Gamer Web Site, Computer Games Strategy Plus, and Computer Gaming World.

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