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(R) (From Doug Krueger)
    On your web page (the one titled Reply #69) you commented on the fact that William Lane Craig will not debate me. You state:

"Frank Zindler is a biologist, not a philosopher or theologian, nor was he experienced in these sorts of debates. Craig's most interesting debate refusal to date is his running from Doug Krueger. Craig's reason for refusing to debate this recognized expert is that Krueger "doesn't have a PhD". Funny how that didn't stop Craig from taking on Zindler (who also does not have a PhD). You may also wish to investigate why Craig eagerly pushes tapes and transcripts of his debate with Zindler while steadfastly refusing to authorize publication of any of the many debates in which he has been trounced."
    Craig has twice declined to debate me on the grounds that I don't yet have my Ph.D. Well, later this month, Craig will be debating Ron Barrier of American Atheists. This will be Thursday January 27, 2000. It is being hosted at the University of Saskatchewan, and is sponsored by Campus Crusade for Christ. It will be broadcase live over the Internet. (Right now I don't know where to find that site.) I wish the best for Mr. Barrier, but I have found out from Barrier himself that he does not have any college degree at all. He has a high school diploma.
    I e-mailed Craig about this and Craig claims he was unaware of this. I had to submit a curriculum vitae, an academic resume, when I was being considered to debate Craig, which made sense. I would have thought that the first thing people would do in this situation is find out who the other person is. I find it hard to believe that Craig would not know this about his opponent. Craig also replied that his rule of thumb that you must have a Ph.D. to debate him is still in effect, so it looks like until I get the Ph.D. he will still keep declining debates with me.

(MB) Thanks for the update, Doug! Any further developments will be posted here as received.

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