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(R) I think it deserves to be pointed out to all you readers, black and white, in all this discussion of race relations and slavery there is no hatered or animosity being displayed. I also think that your readers should know that slavery did not start in the South. Slavery was introduced to this country, as well as other countries, by French and Spanish traders who bought the "would be slaves" from black traders and then sold them into slavery in this and other countries. Unfortunately the poor South welcomed and accepted slavery far more easily than did the North, although there were slaves in the North, or any other predominately white nation. I think that a lot could be, and most likely would be, accomplished in the area of race relations if the blaming for slavery would end and a tolerance for accepting history as it was, and not as it is, were developed.
(MB) Well said. The truth of history is color-blind. Studying it as it really happened is beneficial to all and not discriminatory to anybody. Sure, we recognize slavery as being wrong today, but the situation was different in centuries past. It is equally wrong for either Blacks or Whites to put down or hate one another over the issue of slavery that took place in our nation's past history. If anything, we should learn from the folly of our past mistakes and strive to do better. We can't change what happened in the past, but we can choose to drive onwards to a better future.

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