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(R) I think you're confusing "morality" with "ethics."
(MB) There's a fine line between the two, but I'm really concerned with morality. Morality is concerned with defining what is "right" and "wrong". Ethics is concerned with defining *why* something is right or wrong and is correctly described as a system or philosophy of morality.

(R) I am a highly ethical person and do try to treat others as I wish to be treated.
(MB) "Do unto others..." is an example of a moral view. The reasons why you subscribe to such a moral view falls under ethics.

(R) I am also, by society's standards an immoral person.
(MB) Therein lies the focus of my essay. By society's standards, you are immoral. By your own standards, you are not. In other words, morality can be defined at many levels and can change radically from level to level. You behave ethically when your behavior is consistent with your morality at the personal level.

(R) I do not believe in organized religion, I absolutely laugh out loud at the logic of Jehova, and I believe everyone should be reversibly sterilized at birth and required to take courses and pass tests to have the sterilization reversed.
(MB) That's an interesting proposal and might well solve many problems. The major hitch, of course, would be in deciding who devises and grades the required test and what would be included.

(R) I would not hesitate to put a bullet through the head of a man who hurt myself or my loved ones.
(MB) That's something about which few people would argue. Protecting one's family is a basic instinct.

(R) I enjoy pornographic movies (unless they're incredibly stupid, which seems to be the majority).
(MB) I don't see any problems with porno flicks -- or, more properly, with the reasonable and explicit depiction of sexual activity. Needless to say, most porno flicks are awful on many levels. It always makes me shake my head that we censor sex in movies, but let almost anybody see graphic depictions of violence and murder.

(R) I don't think animals have rights (even dogs and cats). I believe if it is determined that a fetus will be born with serious birth defects (including mental retardation) it should be aborted prior to birth. I hold a lot of unpopular views and don't care who knows it. BUT...I am highly ethical. I would never take something that isn't mine. I would never lie for any reason other than to save a life or to ease someone's suffering. I give generously to worthy charities and am active as a volunteer for a few worthwhile causes. I do all I can to better the lives of those around me. I would defend with my life the rights of any man, woman, or child to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and have been given the opportunity on a few occasions to do so.
(MB) Very well said! Would be that more people adopted this morality and had the ethical backbone to practice it.

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