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(R) An argument often advanced in support of homosexuality is the claim that it is genetically based. This means that one doesn't choose to be gay, one is born that way.
    Huh?!? I was wondering "What the "heck" is he sawing THIS old log for?" I am certain I read some where that we were currently blaming "Mom" for this condition, not a gene nor a choice.

(MB) The argument that homosexuality is purely a genetic condition is just one idea being bandied about. Currently, there is no hard evidence (much less proof) of what causes homosexuality or what relative roles are played by genetics, environment and free choice.

(R) Unfortunately, I recently moved and all my "brain books" are in storage in boxes! I can't remember what I read it in, but it seemed so convincing; logical, that that is where my last "what do I think" was left.
(MB) The "blame Mom" argument sounds rather Freudian in origin. If so, then it has been around for well over a century.

(R) I simply "assumed" from then on that when people said that homosexuals were "born" that way, that they were referring to some soup of hormones that were/and were not present at the point when a fetus was forming at a critical particular stage. I can't remember the details! Arrrrrrrrg!
It was so compelling an argument, that it left the "gene" idea and the equally sketchy "choice" idea in the dust. Seemed like "they" could even reproduce homosexual animals in the lab by decreasing or increasing some hormones at a certain time in the fetal growth phase? Oh, please say you have heard of this in the last couple of years and I'm not totally losing my mind!
If you have heard of it, but it was subsequently "debunked" can you tell me how? To my mind it would be like someone just gave "proof" that evolution wasn't valid. That was how nicely the scientific? data was laid out.

(MB) I wouldn't doubt but what some pro-gay lobby group would promote such an idea. The current strategy for trying to gain acceptance of homosexuality is to try to convince people that "it's not our fault". Since it is currently popular for everybody and their dog to try to gain sympathy for being a "victim", this strategy will undoubtedly gain adherents. However, like all other claims, it will require supporting evidence before it can be taken seriously.

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