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(R) Just found your site today....and I'm really enjoying it.
    Could go into a lengthy discourse of my entanglements with fundamentalists years ago but won't as I'm sure you've heard enough already. (Pleased to say it "didn't take" with me)
    I have noticed throughout the years that to get involved in any kind of reasonable conversation with these people is impossible. I truly think something really bad is with these folks. And I think that something is hatred used as a defense against their own fear of reason. After all, thinking and pondering can give one a headache while sifting thru information one doesn't want to have to deal with.
(MB) These folks have simply abandoned reason to maintain a faith-based system of belief that has likely been drilled into their heads since before they had their first memories. Unfortunately, it's more difficult for them to abandon a lifetime of belief than to keep living a lie.

(R) The statement, "God wrote it, I believe it, that settles it" is probably the most heinous belief a human being can settle upon him/herself and would be pitied if its implications to society weren't so its wake lies an impoverishment of soul and the deepest insensitivity to suffering and an intractable pride which allows it's believer to love people to death.....all in the name of "Jesus." If I am a "born-again" I can rally to take away your civil rights, deny you your sexuality if it doesn't suit my beliefs, I can blame your sin for a horribe death by AIDS, I can interfere with your right to be educated and worst of all condemn you for loving and being loved if it isn't within my restricted limits....and shame you if you succumb to a curious mind.
(MB) Unfortunately, those are some of the rules of their game. Since they can't win over anybody with facts, evidence and coherent argument, they must rely on fear, intimidation and other negative emotions. If that didn't work, their cause would be in deep trouble.

(R) What these folks are are religious fascists and a real threat to the freedom of man.
    I admire your tenacity in engaging these folks in dialogue. Personally, whenever I meet one and they start in on their witnessing, I say, "Nice meeting you but I'm a Humanist" and just move on.
    I can vote, and I can help my fellow man as best I can.

(MB) I find it useful to have a few tough questions available that can be asked of those who try to witness me. Since few of these folks are prepared to do anything but spout their robotic messages, such questions often bring them up short. They may curse you and turn away in a huff, but the questions might also implant a nagging doubt in them. Either way, it's a win for the skeptics.

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