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(R) Hello! I thought I'd give you some more ammunition to be used defending against the absurd claim that the fossil record is caused by one worldwide flood (not that you really need it, but every little bit might just help Creationists see the light of reason.) I live in Montana, and in Montana there's a treasure trove of fossils in something called Egg Mountain. It's so named because it contains fossilized nests with eggs and baby dinosaurs. Now, are we to honestly to believe that a worldwide flood would cause these nests to be laid down so perfectly at random. Creationists often like to use the ridiculous argument comparing something like Mount Rushmore to evolution. Well, in this case a valid comparison would be between Mount Rushmore and the fossilized nests, since neither would be self-assembling. What are the odds of a flood laying down quite a few perfectly preserved nests in one area? Too astronomical to be believed. If anyone can go on believing that the fossils are the result of a worldwide flood after reading the reports of the fossils at Egg Mountain, they are deluding themselves to the extreme. Love your site!
(MB) Thank you for the comment and many thanks for the excellent information! I'd love to see a Creationist "explanation" for this.

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