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(R) Gum is good as it can help if you are nervous and freshen breathe I like gum especially bubble gum as I really like blowing bubbles.
(MB) I feel certain that stress relief is a big reason why many people chew gum. Of course, this doesn't explain why most of them continue to chew their gum when in non-stressful situations. One would have to think that chewing itself becomes a habit which might even go as far as being a minor addiction for such people.
    Gum can't "freshen breath" by any means other than masking and overpowering bad breath with the gum's own smell (which may or may not be much of an improvement). It doesn't kill bacteria in the mouth nor does it affect the digestive process.
    As for blowing bubbles, what's the thrill in that? Is all the chomping, shlurping, cracking and other noise necessary to prepare the gum for blowing bubbles? I'd really like to know!

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