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Most of us are familiar with the stories about finding a genie in a bottle and receiving three wishes after freeing him. I suspect that most of us who have read such stories have pondered somewhat about what we would wish for if we were given the same opportunity.
    Three things in one form or another would probably come immediately to most people's minds: Money, Power, and Sex. I'm not sure that those people would have bothered to take the time to consider all of the details involved, however.
    For example, wishing for money is simple enough. But, how much money? In what form? As a lump sum payment? Where would it come from? Taxable? How would you handle the demands that others would inevitably place upon you once it became known that your wish had been granted?
    Wishing for power might have similar side-effects and questions. For example, at what level would you exercise your power? King? President? CEO? How would your power affect others? How would you protect yourself from those who would be jealous of your power? How long would you have this power?
    How about wishing for sex? Again, there might be questions. How much? With whom? What about your present relationship or that of your new partner(s)? Would your eagerness to get your wish cause you to forget to think about pregnancy or venereal disease concerns?
    So, now you're thinking a bit about what you want to wish for. While you're thinking, how about deciding whether your wishes will benefit yourself only or could be used for the betterment of your fellow Man, as well? Would your wishes be one-time, short-term ones, or would they be for things that would have lifelong impact? Would the things you would wish for today be the same things you would wish for tomorrow or next week or next month? Would you be short-sighted and end up suffering the effects of the old axiom, "Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it"?
    I have often considered what my Three Wishes would be. They have changed and evolved over time and will probably continue to do so for as long as I'm still able to think about them. For the sake of argument, I'll list my Three Wishes as they currently stand and invite comment or criticism (to include your own wish lists) from those of you who are reading this.
    First, I would choose to have perfect recall of the sum total of recorded human knowledge and history. Why not wish simply to be omniscient? If one was already in possession of all possible knowledge, the joy of discovery would seem to be lost forever. My wish would still preserve the wonders of the Universe that we have yet to discover while allowing the maximum benefits from the knowledge we have already gained. Also, I have no need to be privy to the personal and private things that people seek to keep to themselves.
    Second, I would wish to be have perfect fluency and virtuosity in all forms of communication. This would include mastery of all languages as well as all types of musical instruments and other forms of artistic expression.
    Third, I would wish for the ability to instantly heal any physical injury that might befall me. I'm not wishing for immortality or invulnerability, but I would wish to avoid the effects of either single or accumulated injuries that would diminish my enjoyment of life and my ability to perform physical activities.
    Now, to find that genie....

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